C-Suite Transitional Consulting

Our studies have shown time and again that outgoing c-suite executives often exit with valuable industry knowledge and well established networks vital to doing business as optimally and profitably as possible. Often times these exits aren’t under the best circumstances and the business and its’ people suffer for it. However, this is a problem that has a relatively simple solution in practice, but requires a degree of finesse and experience to implement without degrading company morale or making an already volatile situation worse.

Our consulting teams specialize in working with transitioning c-suite executives to ensure seamless continuity of information while maintaining overall company morale through open channels of communication and individually answering questions from a third party perspective rather than a representative from the company. The difference is in how the message is received which can take an otherwise demoralizing force and create a foundation of stability while unilaterally using the circumstance as a motivating factor to boost performance during these times of turbulence. Moreover, Vedic will analyze and assess your firm’s individual groups and practices to identify inefficiencies and offer real time suggestions to increase short term gains as to not pigeonhole your incoming executives into any one course of action. Each business is different and each circumstance presents a litany of influencing factors; we understand this better than anyone. Set up your incoming executives for success and don’t waste your recruiting efforts and the time and money you committed into their recruitment. Contact our team at Vedic and maximize the return on any business’s most valuable investment: its people and its leadership.



Thousands of people immigrate to the United States each day, all with ambitions, goals, and dreams that in many cases never materialize for reasons that could have been prevented had they had help and guidance along the way. At Vedic, we seek to do everything possible to ensure our clients realize their goals, whether it’s opening a new business, ensuring your children attend the best universities, or simply finding sound investment opportunity in U.S. markets. Whatever the dream, we’ll make it a reality.

Our in-house teams partner with many firms in the United States, especially in New York and California to navigate the intricacies required to obtain work and school visas in the U.S., as well as ensuring the path to obtaining a green card and ultimately citizenship is as seamless as possible.

We offer free consultations in education and university placement, EB-5 investment opportunities, insurance, and real-estate purchase, as well as expanding or starting a business stateside. Take a few minutes and call us or send us an email and we will assign a team lead to respond to you at your earliest convenience. If English is not your first language or you prefer to speak with somebody in your native language, we have translators available. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Firm & Company Assessment

Consultants are notorious for finding smoke where there is no fire, in order to extend the engagement and guarantee after work. All the while, have these businesses given you what you paid for? Are you doing a disservice to your business by paying for advice and solutions you don’t need? Is what you’re paying for really needed and is it the best course of action?

Our consultants are all led by former Special Operations Forces operators with backgrounds in intelligence and years of civilian work experience at investment banks, accounting and law firms, and technology startups. At Vedic, we utilize the military’s IPB (Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield) process to systemically evaluate and assess your company’s performance, your people’s performance, and analyze your data to help you understand our findings and assist in navigating key decision points that your company might be facing. Be it expanding into new markets, investing in a new enterprise, or changing a core competency, whatever the challenge, Vedic will give you only the facts and real working solutions, even if that course of action prevents after work or additional billables. Our firm believes in long term relationships, not quick wins.

We are one hundred percent transparent and will work independently or with other agencies on an engagement to ensure your firm receives the best advice and the best solutions possible. Our rates are negotiated beforehand, as we do not bill hourly but do submit time allocation reports in the interest of transparency. Further, our initial consultations are free of charge and you’ll end up paying a fraction of our competitors’ price and you’ll receive the same and oftentimes better advice.



At Vedic, we partner with the best IT and cybersecurity firms world over. Our teams are led by cybersecurity experts from the military, that all possess TS/SCI access and have at minimum 20 years of military and civilian force protection and threat vulnerability experience. Our clients’ needs vary and each situation has a unique answer. If you feel your current security precautions are not optimal, or you simply want to protect your company’s intellectual property and ongoing projects from outside threats, give us a call. We will connect you with a team leader for your particular industry with the expertise to assist you in finding the correct solution to safeguard your business.

While cybersecurity might be the new buzzword of our generation, it’s important to remember we live in a world full of threats and unpredictability. Vedic offers free consultations to assess your force protection and evacuation plans, as well as evaluations for your current security staff to assess their level of compliance and training while ensuring they have the ability to protect your assets and your people should an emergency arise. Don’t react to a bad situation; work to prevent it from occurring to begin with. It’s worth a quick phone call and a conversation to see if we can help.