Our professional outsourcing solutions are your one stop shop for any and all administrative
and back office needs across any vertical.


Unlike traditional outsourcing solutions, Co-Sourcing assembles specialized teams trained specifically for your company’s tasking’s. These professionals are trained by our in-country specialists and instructed by former U.S. military SOF and Intelligence operators with region specific experience in Southeast Asia.

Our pre-vetted co-sourcing professionals are only assigned projects from your company, and are constantly challenged, reviewed and coached to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent complacency.

At minimum, each team member has earned a four-year college degree and has at least five years of industry specific work experience. On average, our team member’s possess advanced degrees and 10+ years’ work experience in highly targeted fields with impeccable work ethics and independently verified references. Simply put, Vedic performs the most comprehensive due diligence in the industry, ensuring a standard that cannot be matched by our competitors.

At Vedic, we operate with military precision, and train our Co-Sourcing teams to uphold that same standard. As a client, you will have direct access to all team members, ensuring full transparency of work while having the flexibility to tweak individual performance and tasking’s to your specific project needs at a moment’s notice.

Lead Generation (North America)

From International Court monitoring to mass database entry for financial firms here stateside; our professional outsourcing solutions are your one stop shop for any and all administrative and back office needs across any vertical.

Vedic has access to and employs thousands of qualified professionals with strict exclusivity agreements in place, to ensure your work products aren’t disseminated to other companies and possible competitors, and ensures each professional becomes increasing familiar and efficient with your company’s best practices, requirements and unique standards.

Every company and each client all have very specific needs and Vedic understands this better than anyone. We identify, hire and train professionals best suited for your companies tasks and constantly monitor and assess performance to ensure your company gets the most out of every dollar spent.

International Lead Generation

Vedic has the best international lead generation in the world, period. We average 1.2 million leads per client annually and update our lists every quarter. We ensure accuracy and guarantee results.

Vedic employs a cross boarder competitive conference analysis and region specific database query and targeted company scrape vetted thru social media platforms, press announcements and LinkedIn, as well as company cooperate bios and databanks. We provide all data in a pristine excel format with name, title, company, URL, LinkedIn profile with working email and telephone number.

Each lead campaign is specifically tailored to client demand; these lists are not from any existing database, they are not resold or duplicated and become the working property of our clients once delivered. Further, we at Vedic constantly improve our data algorithms and formulas throughout the duration of the engagement to ensure every update to the campaign list is refreshed and any data that was originally missed, not made available or inaccurate is updated and corrected going forward.

Vedic offers U.S. lead generation solutions as well, but only on a limited run basis. If you have specific stateside lead generation requirements, we work with an amazing company with the most complete, accurate and real time database in the industry. Please contact us to learn more and we will have our team put you in touch with their CEO and founder.

Competitive Conference Analysis

Vedic works with your company to assess your internal and external business goals, then assembles specialized teams to address each business area’s needs. In the past, companies typically had to source many individual vendors to work on specific functions for a general project or engagement.

These days are long behind us, as firms have recognized this inefficiency and have made great strides to correct this dated practice. However, along the way, there have been issues with integration as many vendors did not comprehend the outcome-focused requirements managers and executives have nor did they offer the transparency required to identify issues and correct them near real time.
At Vedic Consolidated, we are a true partner and our advisory teams immerse themselves in your company’s culture and are experts in familiarizing themselves with specific stage requirements to better train our specialized multi-source teams, ensuring all timelines are met and all deliverables are accurate and complete.

At Vedic, our in-house teams are spearheaded by military veterans, all of whom have multi-national collaboration and inter-agency experience, which ensure our company can seamlessly integrate with each client’s unique requirements and work alongside other individual providers if a preexisting relationship is present. We have the flexibility to turn on a dime and can complete any tasking on any timeframe. We don’t make excuses, just results.